Will Meet or Beat any USAA Pricing

$500 incentive available on all new Lincoln purchases. See dealer for details.

Military Specials

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital Commander George Appenzeller reads a certificate of appreciation for Jenkins & Wynne's support of the Fort Campbell BACH Wounded Warriors facilities project.

Jenkins & Wynne has made a large contribution to BACH to enable the hospital to build a training facility for helping soldiers with dramatic war-related brain injuries become active and mobile.

flag troops

USAA has changed its referral policy. They no longer have time to make referrals of car dealers. They now use ZAG, a company partly owned by USAA, to make all referrals.

To become a referred dealer, the dealer must pay ZAG $299 for a new vehicle lead or $399 for a used vehicle lead. Before USAA charged for referrals, Jenkins & Wynne was always referred by USAA as a reputable dealer. We feel that it is wrong that any dealer can be referred merely by paying a fee that must ultimately be passed on to the customer in the vehicle sale price. USAA now refers Lincoln customers 70+ miles away. It is inconvenient for anyone to have to travel 70+ miles for sales and service.

The referral is not based on Customer Satisfaction…but on whoever will pay the intense cost upfront.

We, at Jenkins & Wynne, are a relationship… not just a ‘fee’ and a sale!

Why Buy From Us? Customer Testimonials

Jenkins and Wynne will sell you a vehicle for less than the ZAG authorized dealer and provide service after the sale.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our 48 Hour Price + Product Guarantee—if for any reason you are not satisfied simply return your purchase within 48 hours, 200 miles, and no body damage for a complete refund.

Former Service Members of the United States Military

  • Tim Roberge - 24 years 6 months
  • Don Pierce - 4 years
  • Mike Dewberry - 5 years 8 months

  • Michael Yager - 29 years
  • Floyd Ward - 26 years
  • Eddie Holland - 25 years
  • Rocky Noland - 24 years
  • Rich May - 22 years
  • Tom Sylvia - 22 years
  • Duane Coates - 21 years
  • Rick Nelson - 20 years 6 months
  • Karl Broadnax - 20 years 1 month
  • Bruno Hughs - 20 years
  • Hilary Lewis - 15 years
  • James Kennedy - 10 years
  • Eric Fields - 6 years
  • Richard Martin - 6 years
  • Mike Caden - 6 years
  • Tracy Gillespie - 6 years
  • Ed Jones - 5 years
  • Mike Dewberry - 4 years
  • John Cornejo - 4 years
  • Bobby Smith - 2 years
  • Gerald Campbell - 2 years
  • Jeff Howard - 2 years

  • Gerald Campbell - 9 years 6 months
  • FC Lehman - 6 years
  • Josh Fundernank
  • Richard Holmes
  • Heidi Williams

  • Amy Norwood - 17 years

  • Mark Donahue - 4 years

  • David Traxler - 6 years

**Must be used as down payment assistance or cap-cost reduction through HFS. We will meet or beat any documented price on any new Lincoln vehicle and back it with local service. If you purchase a vehicle from Jenkins and Wynne and your vehicle is in our shop overnight for warranty work, we will offer a complimentary furnished loaner vehicle.